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Shenzhen Police Check Applying CETC Vehicle Scanner

Publisher:CETC Time:2020-05-07 Hits:640

 Shenzhen Police Check Checkpoint Applying CETC Vehicle Scanner


In December 2019, Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (CETC) successfully won the project for supplying CETC vehicle security inspection system BVE-200 for checking the vehicle passing through the checkpoint in Pinshan, Shenzhen.


BVE-200 and BVE-300 are CETC high quality x-ray imaging technology based advanced small and medium-sized car/vehicle security inspection system and ideal for do security checking onto the various sized vehicle applying various x-ray generating system like 200KV, 320KV and 450KV. The imaging of our vehicle security inspection system is high-quality and clear to view.

The BVE-300 vehicle security scanner could combine perfect intelligent security checking solutions working together with CETC cargo/truck, container scanning system, cargo pallet scanner, luggage screening system, x-ray baggage scanner, walk-through metal detector, hand-held metal detector, explosives detector etc.